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Volunteers for Halloween Childrens Events and Fright Nights

Ghost Parties
We have a shortage of Ghostly Entertainers for our Hen Party / Fright Nights and our Halloween Childrens event, and the Nightmare Before Christmas tours in 2018. The original crew have largely moved on to pastures new. We have hired a Bouncy Castle for the Childrens' Halloween 2018 but need 15 ghouls.

If we are to continue these very scary events which attract a dozen or more bookings over the year (Halloween Childrens Event has over 100 children and their parents attend), we need 15 volunteers to dress up as Victorian or Hospital era ghouls.  

Once you register as a Ghoul below, you will be assured of extra work as a Ghoul, with promotion prospects, as we also run (when we have the staff), Hen Parties, Fright Nights, Nightmares before Christmas and Teen Terror Nights - all of which need a lot of Scary Ghouls.

Are you scary?

We also need additional support for the main Ghost Hunts from time to time, so if you would like to train as a professional Ghost Hunter, please make yourself known to Steve Graham on the Email below or talk to him at one of our Ghost Hunts.

Volunteer Ghouls required

if you would like to register to scare our customers in 2018/19
or to work with The Paranormal World as a leader on any of our more serious ghost tours

for which Full Training is provided
Please complete the form below

Ghoul's Application Form

 Halloween Childrens Event (as ghoul)
 Halloween Event (as tour guide)
 Hen Parties & Fright Nights (as ghoul)
 Teen Terror Nights (as ghoul)
 Share the Experience Ghost Tours (tour guide)
 All Night Investigations (tour guide)
 Other Roles (specifiy below)

Steve writes:

Good morning Lord Gover, what an interesting meeting I had yesterday afternoon with key staff with regards to the children's Halloween event!  

We between us looked at every aspect of the Halloween event and what it entails. Verbally the job specification sounds easy, however, writing out that specification is so much different and not as easy as I thought...

With regard to 2 and 3 below, it doesn't really matter which way you look at it, what it does boil down to is able bodies (no pun intended).

Here are the various positions for Volunteers to fill:

1. Ticket sales and cash collection x 1... One very honest and focused individual required for this position, the job entails collecting cash, giving out tour tickets, giving out the general direction of activities. This person is usually the first port of call for any enquiry.

2. Glitter tattoo x 2 people. A very monotonous job putting glue onto children's arms then adding glitter tattoos, these people have to be happy and Jolly and be very good with kids as the children will continually return for more tattoos so needs to be very patient

3. Bouncy castle supervisor x1... As a basic requirement of law the bouncy castle must be supervised to ensure the maximum number is not exceeded, shoes are not worn etc., it sounds like an easy job but it's not. A friendly attitude is essential but you need to be firm when required.

4. Ground floor runner x1 ...this is a very focused job. You need to be able to think on your feet and in advance. informing the public on the ground floors of the castle about the next competitions, where the toilet facilities are, getting kids ready to line up for the group ghost tours, relieving other staff during toilet breaks etc., filling in where required. A general dogsbody.

5. Ghost tour scarer Ghouls; we need 10 minimum volunteers in appropriate ghoulish attire (provided or use your own) no skills required, you just need a Halloween costume and a fun attitude.

6. Ghost tour Guide x 2 to guide by dim candle-light the ghost tour itself around haunted floors, ensuring public safety on the tours. Must also be able to spot vulnerable individuals and have them removed from the tour if necessary.

7. Upper floors supervisor x1 ...ensure the safety of all ghost tour staff as well as the public on the upper floors, ensure continual music/smoke/ atmosphere.

8. Competition compere / DJ / Maestro  Probably the most important job of the whole Halloween event. Must have excellent communication skills, an amazing sense of humour, good looks, charming, amazing personality and sensitivity or just a few of the requirements for this position (I think Steve is putting himself forward here - ed).

The above is the bare minimum required to pull off Halloween Childrens Tour like we have done so for many years. It is the reason why it has always had a great reputation. Sadly, as the kids have been growing up we have been finding it difficult year after year in filling the scarier Ghouls positions.

The jobs in 6,7,8 are roles which have always been played by key staff members who also do the ghost tours. You need at least 10 ghouls. The more the scarier. Half a dozen just won't do.

The jobs in 5, 6, and 7, are required for our Hen Party Fright Nights, the Teen Terror events and the Nightmare Before Christmas. Once we have enough volunteers we can promote these tours again as currently we are not able to offer them. We are currently only able to offer the more serious Ghost Tours.

I normally paid out £25 per volunteer x 18 + £65 bouncy castle + £100/120 toys/gifts.

Normally we would get 130 / 150 kids minimum every year ... last year was much lower - only 97 kids I think it was. So it also needs good promotion on social media by all the volunteers!


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