Ghost Stories: Hall/ Breakfast Room - Most Haunted Castle

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Ghost Stories: Hall/ Breakfast Room

Ghost Stories

The Most Haunted Hall

Ghost Story: Reputedly a SMALL CHILD, WITH A SOLDIER whom we assume to be Baron Cederstrom, has been seen standing at the bottom of the stairs where Adelina fell - presumably the hall (shown left in Patti's time).

The staircase is no longer here.

The fall made Adelina bed-ridden whereupon she contracted pneumonia and died. However it is not clear which staircase she fell down (either the main one remaining on first floor, or one no longer in situ, from first floor to ground floor).

Breakfast Room

This is said to have a bad energy and is 'very active'.

However this was apparently Patti's favourite room.

The door into the conservatory was once described as especially 'sinister' by early ghost hunters. This was in the days when the door was kept locked, and cold air would blow through the keyhole from the derelict room beyond.

Since the Conservatory was restored, this door seems to have lost its sinister aura, as it now opens into the bright new Conservatory

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