John Mellon Room on top floor of Craig y Nos - Most Haunted Castle

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John Mellon Room on top floor of Craig y Nos

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories: Most Haunted and the Tale of John Mellon

Ghost Story relayed by Paranormal Investigator Steve Graham - of The Paranormal World

A gentleman called "John Mellon" was believed to have hung himself in 1874 over the love of an employee at the time called Charlotte....

This ghost story originated from Paul Sandbach, a medium who worked alongside a ghost hunting group from Liverpool - 'Ghosthaunted'.

I am not sure if they even exist anymore, anyway the story goes thus:

John Mellon was an employee (gardener) of Madame Patti and Charlotte worked as a housemaid or something along those lines. The two became very close but in those days it was frowned upon for employees to have intimate relationships with other employees. So the head housekeeper tried to put a stop to this love affair, warning both they would lose their jobs if it continued.

Both, according to Paul, were in no financial position to lose their jobs. It was believed that Charlotte sent all her money home to her parents.

After being caught again together the head housekeeper arranged for Charlotte to be moved to another residence in London where she would continue to work. It was believed that Charlotte was a relative of the head housekeeper.

This might be why employment was sought elsewhere for her and she wasn't sacked.

This was all arranged without a word being told to John Mellon, who upon hearing that his beloved Charlotte had gone to London never to return, in a fit of blinded love sickness hung himself on the top floor.

What a beautiful love story it is...  If only any of it could be proven!

Well here comes an added bonus. A few months later we had a ghost tour with a group from Birmingham who where doing an all night Investigation. During the séance one bloke became "very emotional" and started to mumble "Charlotte!" When asked what he was talking about, he said he that he felt that he had been" dumped" by his girlfriend.

His real-life girlfriend who was with him at the time was very surprised by his reactions that evening and was concerned how her partner could come up with such a comment.

Six months passed and no more mention of "John Mellon" on any investigations or ghost tours.

Then one Saturday night in late November, whilst doing a séance in the Rice Powell room, a man on the tour became quite strange saying he felt there was a rope around his neck and that he was being choked.

He said that he also felt very depressed.

Upon hearing this I shut the séance down and removed him and the rest of the group back down stairs to take stock of what had just occurred.

Now here is the interesting thing about this story. Whilst speaking to the man who had felt he had a rope around his neck, he said he felt as if he had signed his name like you scribe your name on a tree.

Anyway, when the group left the following morning I went to the right hand turret of the castle and lo and behold there is a faint name that says, "John Mellon 18**".

The last two digits I couldn't make out. Now I'm aware that when Craig y Nos Castle was a TB hospital, the children would write their names in the turrets over the years. Some initials can still be seen today.

So that's the story of "John Mellon" but it doesn't end there: Sally Morgan - you may know her as Psychic Sally - came to the castle along with her husband. Now when she came she wasn't famous at all. She had just signed a contract with Sky TV to do 12 shows up and down the UK so before then no one had really heard of her. Yet she also, whilst in the Rice Powell room, said that she could feel a rope around her neck. She too came up with the name, " John" and also said it was something to do with "Charolette".

All very interesting but there is no actual historical proof of any of the above story. Apart that is from the name "John Mellon", who  signed his name in the turret above the castle.


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