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Fireside Chat in the Patti Bar - A Most Curious Ghost Story

Ghost Stories

Talking to Adelina: A Fireside Ghost Story...

In recent years Dave Cottle, a musician with our Jazz players, one evening was having a conversation with fellow band members by this fireplace. His two companions left: one to answer the call of nature, the other to the bar.

Dave entered into conversation with a lady in black sitting next to him, in the corner; she was asking him, 'do you sing?'  

He said, "No, I don't sing, I play instruments." And the lady said, "So you don't sing then, it's a shame."  

The two other members returned to the fireside and he was still having a conversation with this lady - so they asked him who he was speaking to. He said, "The lady in the corner," and they couldn't see her.

When he realised he had been speaking to a ghost, he went very quiet and pale. This is not something he has ever wanted to talk about since and seems to be a genuine experience. He will never forget his visit to our haunted house! Our theory is that he may have dozed off, but not quite fully, and somehow, in that state somewhere between unconciousness and conciousness, his mind was receptive to the communication that took place.

Who knows how many ghosts speak to us in our sleep, entering deep into our subconcious, making their spirits known to us, yet tantalisingly out of reach of our conscious thought and memory?

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