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Ghost Story on Old Staircase - the Haunted Castle's Second Floor

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories: The Abandoned Haunted Staircase

Ghost Hunting Craig y Nos Castle's haunted staircase Swansea Wales
Patti Boudoir at haunted house Craig y Nos Castle, Swansea Valley, South Wales
Adelina Patti Gramophone recording old record

This is considered a particularly 'active' area of this haunted house and is also is believed to be the staircase Adelina Patti walked down and heard her voice for the first time, emanating from a cylinder recording being played back in the Boudoir by the Gramophone Company.

On one occasion, in the evening, I was taking a couple of franchisees around and on leaving the second floor to go down the stairs, said as a bit of a joke (I had my dog, Jack, with me),

"Sometimes the dog senses spirit on this staircase. If he stops dead, half way down and growls, be sure to stop!"

It was only a joke, the dog had never stopped on that staircase!  But on this occasion, half way down, Jack the dog
duly stopped dead, exactly on cue. He barked and growled, hackles raised, and would not go the rest of the way down.

The franchisees jumped, one screamed, and we all duly stopped behind the dog, halfway down the 'active' staircase. I made light of it, and urged Jack to go on down, and this has never happened before or since. The timing was impeccable, no way could such an event be mere coincidence - 'something'  sure has a sense of humour! Who knows how much such spirits may indeed be laying on a bit of a show for our many ghost hunting guests!

Ghost hunters often tell of hearing ghostly footsteps approaching them, and sensing things. Nothing unpleasant, but just possibly, from time to time, our spirits may make themselves known to you in this haunted house. You may never quite know for certain, but some who come to visit on a ghost hunt will leave Craig y Nos, wondering quite what they did experience here, quite what did they come into contact with ....

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