Ghost Hunting and History Tour @ £99/ head - Most Haunted Castle

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Ghost Hunting and History Tour @ £99/ head

Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours for Individuals to join

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NB: The Theatre Cellars are currently not in use due to a rotten staircase needing to be replaced. This repair will not take place till Feb or March 2022 due to other more urgent scheduled maintenance taking priority. Ghost tours will for now use the Theatre Stage for seances instead of the Theatre Cellars.
We also have Third Party bookings for Ghost Tours. This is where an independent Ghost Tour Operator runs a Ghost Tour for their customers. Dates for these tours are shown here.  

External Tours may be similar to the GHOST tours put on by The Paranormal World. For full details and prices, please contact the Ghost Company direct.

Before paying a deposit with any external ghost tour company, check the date is booked with us below - this confirms the date is booked with us. Any deposits paid to 3rd Party Ghost Companies are NOT held by us and in the event of cancellation you must contact the ghost tour organiser direct.
Ghost Tours put on by
external Ghost Tour Companies

We offer our own Castle organised GHOST Tours for couples and individuals to join, see dates below. Castle Organised GHOST Tours are run by The Paranormal World. Includes Dinner and Bed and Breakfast at a discounted rate as part of the Tour.

If you have enough people to organise your own group of ten, you can instead book your own private group tour such as the Share the Experience Ghost Tour.

On all tours, guests stay overnight and have B&B, an Evening Meal, and a History Tour on the morning of departure.
Castle G.H.O.S.T. Tours -
by 'The Paranormal World'
Halloween Tour (1) 32 places booked, no places remain, SOLD OUT
Tour run by 'The Paranormal World'
Sunday 30/10/2022
Miss 27th? Halloween Ghost Tour (2)
32 places booked, 0 places remais,
Tour run by 'The Paranormal World' SOLD OUT
Tuesday 01/11/2022
Miss 27th? Halloween Ghost Tour (3)
14 sold, 16 places left, Book this ghost tour Tour by 'The Paranormal World'

What's Included on The Castle's own /
Paranormal World's G.H.O.S.T. tour?
1. Four hour in-depth ghost tour @ £15/ head.

2. Evening Meal - Choose any two courses from the main menu on the night (up to a value £25.00/ head).

3. Bed and Breakfast accommodation in an en-suite, based on two sharing (value £75.00/head at weekend tariff). (If you wish to share a family room, please ask for pricing discounts as the rate will be lower in family rooms).

4. One Hour optional History tour 10.30 or 11.00 am on morning of departure (worth £10/head) where you will be taken around the castle and introduced to the history and historical uses of the main rooms. Lasts 1.5 hours.

5. Optional use of Haunted Bar with log burning stove in winter where Steve will regale you with many ghostly tales and his and others' experiences on previous paranormal investigations.

6. Free use of
sports room.

2021 Reviews

15/10/2021: AB21 - We attended a ghost tour evening that included a set meal in the restaurant. The food was delicious. Being a vegetarian, I was very pleased that the waitress was able to offer an alternative vegetarian choice of nut roast when I mentioned that I had food intolerances to some of the vegetarian ingredients on the set menu.
Book your G.H.O.S.T. here


See GHOST tour dates above.

Complete the form on this page, selecting your choice of date. This very special G.H.O.S.T. only happens once a month.

Bookings on these special GHOST  tours are accepted from individuals, couples, and families - any children must be over 16.

Cost is £99.00/ person with a non-refundable deposit of £84.00/ person to book.

The payment of a deposit ensures we have properly confirmed bookings for the date. However Deposits are refundable if the event cannot go ahead for any reason.

Remaining £15.00 balance / person is payable on the night IN CASH to the ghost hunting company.

See our G.H.O.S.T. Intro video here

This is a premium all inclusive deal reduced to £99/head as a Special Deal - for what will be a very special and individual night.

Play video to see two minute Introductory Intro on our Ghost Tours with reviews by Ghost Hunters of their experiences.

G.H.O.S.T. is based on the Share the Experience Tour, but with a bonus one hour extra for additional experiments normally only included on our All Night Investigations.

Our once monthly G.H.O.S.T. includes en-suite B&B accommodation, dinner and history tour as in the All Night Investigation package.

If you cannot organise your own ghost hunting group for the required minimum of ten persons, you can book here as an individual or a couple and experience a ghost tour on our G.H.O.S.T. tour dates.
Watch our online Ghost Tour

Recent Reviews - G.H.O.S.T. tour

Fridays event at Craig Y Nos Castle; 06/08/2021

Ghost Tour by 'Lost Entity' Tel: 07376 931 632. A big thank you to all our guests for joining us and also thank you to our team for doing a fantastic job as always!  Our Team: Tracey, Nigel, Sophie, Leanne, Lesley, Caroline & Sandie who did a wonderful job as usual. It was also mine & Nigels wedding anniversary, so we celebrated doing what we love with people we love. Thank you all for making it so special. Also a huge thank you to the staff at Craig Y Nos Castle for making us feel so welcome. Jen on reception in particular went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable. We were also lucky enough to be given a history tour after breakfast with a lovely young lady named Gwen who was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the castle. Thank you so much! We all really enjoyed, it was facilitating.

The food was delicious, a two course meal and full breakfast served in the most beautiful of settings.The accommodation was unique and varied from room to room, comfy, clean and steeped in history.

ACTIVITY ON THE NIGHT; LIGHT BALLS; did flash in response to questions in many areas.  REM PODS; Did not activate. K2 METERS; Flashed in many areas in response to questions. SLS CAMERA; Picked up a child size figure in the old tb hospitals large ward upstairs that seemed to be holding on to a guests hand and leg. A large figure also showed up in the back part of the room but only briefly.  GEO POD; Did not activate.  SPIRIT PORTAL; No voices came through.

GHOST APP; Picked up a few words and names that were later validated. LASER GRID; No anomalies detected. OUIJA BOARDS; Fantastic communication sessions led by our psychic/ Tradition Witch Lesley. Family members communicating and validating their presence which proved emotional for some guests. Spirts from the castle also coming through including Adelina Patti herself who was particularly drawn to guest Robyn who actually resembles Adelina. Robyn was even feeling her emotions which was quite overwhelming but certainly not in any sinister way. Automatic writing was also used by Lesley to relay a message from Adelina. Protection is always used before during and afterwards!

THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA; Picked up a few anomalies including a strange heat signature within the corridor leading to the large tb ward upstairs.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES; Everything from cold shivers, taps and touches by unseen hands, heat circling guests. Shadow figures, tapping and whistles repeating guests whistles. Footsteps heard on the stairs, a lady singing. I along with two other guests heard the clearest sound of a little boy crying behind the screens in the large upstairs tb ward. It made my night, honestly the clearest disembodied voice I have personally ever heard.  We carried out a thorough investigation with our guests, some new to the paranormal and also returning guests eager to rebook which mean a lot to us all! We send you all love and blessings. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Had the most amazing stay

Had the most amazing stay and time at the castle last night the service of every single member of staff was such a pleasure they were all absolutely so kind generous and helpful with any situation and there on hand to answer and help with any questions. The room we stayed in was absolutely perfect comfortable and had everything me and my friend needed.

We then had the pleasure of taking part in one of the ghost tours which I was so scared beforehand but can honestly say I had the most wonderful yes quite scary on times but absolutely an experience I can never ever forget and left with some memories I will cherish for ever....
Our ghost tourist who was named Paul made our experience comfortable exciting slightly scary but wonderful all in one and couldn't have made it any more wonderful than he did.

Our food was just the same as all the other service too wonderful and served with any recommendations myself being gluten free and were forever made sure we were ok. Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience Paul and thank you so much for all the staff at Craig y Nos Castle who made the stay from start to finish perfect xx. Good room service · Great hotel bar · Thoughtful amenities · Historic building

Ghost Tour for husbands birthday

I booked the ghost tour as a little something different for my husbands birthday and I can hand on heart say that we had the most amazing time and would stay again within a heart beat. The Castle is impressive upon arrival. Check in was efficient and the receptionist showed us to our room. Room was small but plenty of room for the two of us. Furniture was what you would expect is such an old establishment and added to the ambience, bathroom equally so and all in good working order.

We settled in and headed to the bar for a couple of drinks pre dinner. This is where we met Catherine (not sure of her job title but she seemed to do a lot of everything) Catherine is a credit as were all other staff we met during our visit to Craig y Nos. Catherine went out of her way to add the little touches that certainly made our experience what it was. All staff stopped for a little chat about the history of the place. Dinner was amazing, I had the Salmon and my husband had the steak. My Salmon and accompliments were really good, but I soon regretted my choice once I had a morsel of my husbands steak, it was divine cooked exactly as asked.

The Ghost Tour! Amazing! We were only a small group of 4 and Paul was our guide. We went with an open mind my husband being the least convinced of the existence of ghostly spirits. We were not disappointed. Everyone in the group had one experience or another in different places of the castle and all left with absolute conviction that the castle is indeed haunted. Paul was fabulous and very knowledgeable. We didn't do the oiuja at the end through choice. Stanley one of the resident ghost took great pleasure in scaring the bejesus out of us. I would highly recommend this place and as previously stated would stay again in a heart beat and look forward to doing so soon.

More Links here
1. If you arrive early you can take a walk along the Country Park Woodland paths or have a

our lower gardens before Dinner.

2. View En-suite accommodation included as part of your G.H.O.S.T. tour.

3. See Evening Meal menu - select individual meals from the menu of the day, though to speed up service we may arrange a set menu for everyone on the G.H.O.S.T. tour.

4. The next morning, starting 10.00 - 10.30 am, we'll give you a one hour history tour of Craig y Nos Castle.

5. See ghost stories of the castle (scroll forward using 'next page' button to read all the ghost stories).

6. See History of the castle (scroll forward using the 'next page' button to read all the history pages.

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