Cellar/ Slab Room a Ghost in the Cellars - Most Haunted Castle

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Cellar/ Slab Room a Ghost in the Cellars

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories: The Most Haunted Team and the Cellar

Walk into main area outside store / slab room.  This area includes the Butlers Pantry, Poultry and Meat hanging rooms and the kitchens where Adelina Patti's servants would have worked.

According to the 'Most Haunted' film research team there is a man down here who molested girls and was a particularly nasty guy. Maybe this ghost story is about one of the servants of Adelina shown in this picture, or an employee who worked for the castle in the hospital days.

Other Ghost hunters have not reported a similar presence but consider the cellars 'active'.


This is where Adelina was laid to rest after being embalmed and the coffin was lead sealed using hot pokers from the fires in the kitchen. The slab room is now used as the wine and spirits store room, so is generally locked for security.

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