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The Morgans

Castle History

Craig y Nos Castle History, First Owners - The Morgans

Haunted House Craig y Nos from about 1850, Swansea, South Wales
Haunted House Craig y Nos - Morgan Morgan family revisits in C21st, Swansea Valley, South Wales

The estate had been entered into Chancery and was finally brought by Morgan Morgan of Abercrave for £6,000. Limestone quarries above Pentre Cribbarth were in full production and lime was burnt in the nearby kilns.

Stand in front of the castle and compare the castle now with the picture on the left which shows the stage Captain Powell reached before his costs over-ran (note the missing North Wing).

Mr Morgan and his family settled at the castle where his son, also Morgan Morgan, joined him soon afterwards. Both families lived together happily for several years, each with a kitchen in what was the basement.

A massive pillar stood in the middle of the larger kitchen, where a bottle containing a current newspaper and freshly minted coins were said to have been buried.

At the time of the sale a large plantation of fir trees stood between the castle and the quarries above. The trees were about 80 years old, of fine girth and length, with squirrels leaping from branch to branch.

As the decade grew toward its close, the current owners decided to leave, and a remarkable chapter in the history of Craig-y-Nos was about to unfold.

Incidentally the lower left picture is a group photo of relatives of the Morgan Family - they came to visit their old home recently!

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