Opening Night for the Opera House at Craig y Nos Castle - Most Haunted Castle

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Opening Night for the Opera House at Craig y Nos Castle

Castle History

Castle History - The Patti Theatre - The Opening Night

Adelina Patti costumed in her role in an opera

Stars of the opera world came to the opening banquet and the ceremony that followed.

Signor Arditi led the 20 piece orchestra that accompanied the Prima Donna and Nicolini in the first of many performances held during the week of the festival. Music and song echoed across the valley over the years to follow.

The Diva's had a passion for dancing and she would sing to the high and the humble providing they loved music and understood its meaning.

The walls which are still in their original decor show the names of twenty of the most prominent composers, many of whom would have been personal friends of Adelina Patti. The closest of these included Rossini, Verdi and Wagner.

The back drop depicts "Patti in Semiramide by Rossini" and like the stage equipment behind the backdrop, is original.

The electricity for the stage lighting, improved long ago for safety reasons, was said to be the first domestic supply in Wales.

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