Fright Night in Wales - Meet your hosts for the Night - Most Haunted Castle

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Fright Night in Wales - Meet your hosts for the Night

Ghost Parties

Meet your Ghost hosts for the fright night you will never forget!!!!

The Master…. is a centuries-old vampire, sorcerer, Transylvanian nobleman and the keeper of the castle.

His womanising days are long gone but HE still believes he "has the gift". Ye be fair warned!  It is told he can shape-shift into a large vicious dog… is his bark worse than his bite?

Igor Once the castle's blacksmith, now the personal butler to "The master".  He is a simple soul who hates his current position, constantly talking to himself, yet some of his mutterings are sometimes good pieces of advice, if only you would listen!!!

Sedrick A fairly new addition to the castle. He looks after the cellars and dark tunnels that lay beneath the castle. He loves his job, knows everything there is to know - a proper cellarman. He makes his own wines and sometimes Spirits… and not of the drinking kind!!  Do not touch ANYTHING when he is around.

Krusty  offering a source of amusement for  "the Master",  Krusty was once a world famous clown bringing happiness, joy and laughter to all he would meet.
Now under the control of the master, he is quite the opposite; will he bring a smile to your face?

Annie the Mute Maid has always worked for "the master" since she was but a young girl. It is believed she once had an affair with the master and her mouth was stitched up so the truth could never be told. She will always guide you on the right path as long as you do what is asked!!

Mother her name says it all, she is the mother of "the Master" and mad as a hatter, convinced her only son is constantly trying to kill her off for her money.
She runs about cackling and muttering but has a natural gift to see the past, present and future. What will she learn about you?

The wailing widow One of many wives's of "The Master" she chooses to stay at the castle, constantly mourning the loss of her daughters. How did they die? Why did they die? Can you turn her tears of sadness into tears of joy?

The Twins"The Master's" two youngest mischievous daughters who have an unnatural ability to be here, there and everywhere at the same time!!  Don't be fooled by their pitiful looks and be on your guard when these two are about!!!

Emily "The Master's" prodigy and eldest daughter, she certainly is a chip off the old block. She died in mysterious circumstances and is now learning the ways of the "black arts"; do not stare you have been warned.

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