Wonder Boxes and EVP recordings at Craig y Nos Castle

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Wonder Boxes and EVP recordings at Craig y Nos Castle

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Ghosts: evidence of life after death? · 20 May 2018
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Aaaa Lord Gover, Unfortunately, I don't have a recording taken from any other rooms, the whole idea of these recordings started off as a simple experiment, following the concept of a guy from  America who actually designed this box.

Sadly over a period of months he was subsequently found out to be cheating,  adding pre recorded words or sentences to his original recordings, I had  tym build me one of these boxes (it is called a 'wonder box') and used it the first time in the salt cellar on one of the tours. The recording that we got that evening weren't  as good as the ones we are getting now, however it was a coherent and logical reply to the question that we were asking at the time.

So in keeping with the experiment we continued to only record in one location and over a period of months the responses have become more direct. What is even more interesting is why we are even getting coherent replies and I think that's why people on the tours are very interested.

The whole concept is based upon playing a recording of reverse speech, the actual recording itself is around five minutes long and loops continuously, so whilst listening through the wonder box you should only be hearing non-comprehensible garbled sentences, however it is believed that spirits, energies, ghosts, call them what you will, are able to use and manipulate these incoherent sentences and reply logically to questions that are being asked. The box itself therefore in essence becomes the voice of he or she who has manipulated the original playback recording, and what is really cool about the recordings that we are taking is that we are also picking up on different accents that seem to be coming through which make the recordings even more interesting.

Oh and what really cool about these recordings and you may find this hard to believe, whilst setting up the experiment in the salt cellar the box asked... Where's your friend "lord Gover"... Both Tym, Denise, and I looked at each other in total disbelief, we were shocked to say the least, as you know I am the one who has always called you Lord Gover, when I see you in person, speak via email or speaking about you, I always call you Lord Gover, so for the box to use this terminology, to me this was a sign to continue doing this experiment.

Sadly though we were not recording at the time so I don't have the recording of the wonder box using the words "lord Gover" but we know what we heard and for me that's good enough. I am now hopefully taking the wonder box concept to another level completely, I won't bore you with the details right now, I will say however that if I am able to pull off what I would like to achieve with this experiment using not only the wonder box but a television screen as well.

We have discussed by doing the recordings elsewhere within the castle and it is something we will be doing, the rice Powell  room (the room on the top floor with the fire place in it. This I decided to be the best location because of various things that have happened in that room whilst on the tours. I know people will say you should do it in the children's ward, but I rather get to grips of having a better understanding of what I am doing using this wonder box than be like a bull at a gate and run before I have learned to walk...

It is so easy to get caught up with the voices from the wonder box - it can really consume you. When I first got the box built I spent two weeks continuously using the box night and day, sometimes spending up to 16 hours a day just listening and asking questions, it is so addictive, especially when you have loved ones that have passed away, and you're hoping that they will come through you lose all sight of what you're trying to achieve and become emotionally involved which isn't a good thing, something I learned the hard way.

Anyway I will be recording in the rice Powell room in the coming weeks I will certainly let you know the outcome hopefully the recordings will be as good if not better than the ones we are currently getting now, anyway I shall let you get on I know you're a busy man, please pass on my regards to Olga and the boys and shall speak with you soon... oh and before you ask, yes I am still using the Dragon dictation program hence the reason why my reply is so long, the more I speak the more fluent the program becomes in understanding my voice it won't be long before I start dictating my book... I shall tell you about that another time
speak soon

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