Why do people see ghosts? What are we seeing?

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Why do people see ghosts? What are we seeing?

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Ghosts: evidence of life after death? · 15 January 2014
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The other day during a “share the experience” tour at Craig Y Nos Castle I was asked a couple of interesting questions:#

Why do People “see” ghosts?

Is it
because they are sensitive to the energy of the ghost?

Or is it that they are simply there and likely always have been there?

Mmmmm, not the easiest questions to answer. Depending entirely upon your perspective and beliefs, this has numerous answers all of which can only ever be just our opinion!

I believe that the spirit i
s the energy in us and when the body dies this energy remains. For whatever reason sometimes this energy gets stronger and sometimes It gets weaker.

When the energy is strong then maybe that is when we can see it, or maybe it is just people who are sensitive can pick up on this energy.

I believe that we can train ourselves like a receiver. Once we get tuned in to the right waves we can see spirits at their strongest point and at least to feel/sense them when they are at their weakest point.

People get tuned in to spirits in many different ways. Many have paranormal experiences (seeing ghosts) though i

thers can sense spirit though meditation. Many see ghosts/spirits while 'playing around' with the paranormal (e.g. on Ghost tours/paranormal investigations etc). There are even some medications can even cause a person to become more sensitive to spirits! Although I won’t say which medications you should use....

So I have briefly explained what ghosts are, at least the theory of what ghosts are. They are energy, which we have all learned in high school physics can nei
ther be created nor destroyed. This could conceivably be a person's soul, which of course all religions claim never dies, but that is a whole new discussion!

When people die, it is believed they move on to the next realm without much of an issue, especially if they had known death was coming and passed quietly and peacefully.

if they had died violently, tragically, or suddenly, they might well find themselves in a sort of limbo, totally confused about where they are, how they got there, what to do about it and where to go from here. This may explain why sometimes apparitions are seen at the scene of traffic deaths, drownings, including murder victims and those who have suffered in some way.

Spirits choose to remain on this plane for a variety of reasons. There may be something, to their minds at least, vitally important left undone, information not shared that is preventing them from moving on. Tragically sometimes a spirit is desperately seeking someone to whom he she
was bonded in life, but has lost.

Mothers sometimes spend decades seeking children who have long since gone, but are unable to move on until she and they are united. These spirits are among the saddest.

It is also believed that there are g
uardian spirits are among us, including ancestors keeping an eye on their descendants as they would in life. This possibly explains why little children see grandmas and aunts whom they had never known in life, but whom they could identify from photographs. The other half of that explanation is that little kids are noted for being far more sensitive to spirits around them than we adults are. (Or they could have seen the photographs first and then believed they saw their grandparent's spirit).

Revenge and anger: If a person truly felt hurt or damaged by another, he might be bound to this plane by anger and a desire for revenge. You would not want to meet one of those. They are the guys you meet when doing ghost tours of areas such as an
abandoned prison.

Attachment to a structure or item: Spirits who were very happy and contented in their homes will sometimes remain in them long after it is time to go. They may be very low key so only the most sensitive people would be aware of them, but on the other hand they may choose to take an active part in the day-to-day running of the home, much to the consternation of the living occupants.

Little children who pass often continue to run and play where they were most happy in life like we experience here at Craig Y Nos Castle. Old houses when being renovated will prompt these spirits to make their approval or disapproval known.

Often a person will remain 'attached' to, and sometimes quite possessive of, a treasured item long after they have passed on. These items can range from bits of jewellery to grand pianos, and if they do not approve of the current owners, they
can make royal pests of themselves.

Light Workers: These are spirits who toggle between planes, helping confused and unhappy souls through.

Recorded Events imprinted on the atmosphere in a set place:
Sometimes you will see what looks like a reenactment of an event, which could be as traumatic as a battle fought centuries ago, Roman soldiers marching through the cellars of a modern building on a level where the street level was in their time, monks long gone but continuing to respond to the call to vespers as they did centuries ago, or nurses continuing their quiet rounds of hospital wards long after they and their patients have passed on.

These are not ghosts in the true sense of the word. Instead, as the theory goes, they are 'recordings' of these events that had been repeated over and over in life. The energies of these events were impressed into the bricks and mortar of the structures, the ground and air, and when conditions are just right, you get to witness these ancient activities. I think that is a gift.

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