Rip-Off or Strip-Off

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Rip-Off or Strip-Off

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Hen parties and Fright Nights · 25 May 2014
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Hi All,

Stripper Hire - Rip-Off or Strip-Off?

I thought I would bring this to everyone'
s attention, though I can't name the agency involved (as they were booked by the Hen).

Let me
take a moment to briefly explain why I am writing this. Rhian D booked a hen fright night with us for 18 hens. By all accounts that the 'fright night' itself was a great success and a great time was had by everyone. However Rhian went that tad further and wanted to really make the night special so booked a stripper for the hen - as you do.

he was quoted by an agency £75/£80 for a fireman to turn up and do his thing - "the full monty"  - for 30 mins or there abouts.

the stripper turned up at roughly 10.45 he wanted to speak with Rhian. He then told her she had to pay £120/125 for the "full monty".

f course Rhian was a tad miffed as to why she had to pay more. After all, she had received an email confirming her booking and the priced quoted! But as she was suddenly put on the spot, she had 2 choices - either:

A: pay the £80 and have a fireman dance around for 30 mins which after a
time would have been a tad boring or

B: pay the £120 and have what she originally paid for -
"the full monty".

ike anyone in that situation, not wanting to let the hen down as well as the other quests, she finally agreed to pay £110. She said she would contact the agency the following morning to complain.

The stripper duly started at 11pm as requested and did his thing! But his 'thing'
only lasted 11 minutes (that is, his entire performance lasted just 11 minutes, just in case you were wondering).

That's £10 per minute, which works out at £600 per hour, nice money if you can get it!

nd to add insult to injury he invited Rhian to an extra 10 minutes in the toilet with him to make up for the price difference - !!! - saying how beautiful she looked and how big her breasts where.

THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, I personally feel responsible that I didn't intervene at the outset when Rhian informed me that she was going to book a stripper. I could have easily arranged this on her behalf knowing that I was dealing with a reputable organisation and not some fly-by-night money making scam artist.

herefore can you please make it clear on the website that should anyone require a stripper for their hen night to allow The Paranormal World to arrange this part of their fun fright night, and in your eloquent words explain why its best that we source the "right individual" to ensure that the client gets "what they paid for"

I truly felt for Rhian she wanted a great night for "the hen and quests" which we did our utmost to achieve. For the night to be let down by some outside agency taking advantage of the situation is, in my and I am sure the castle's opinion, totally unacceptable. This is something which I personally nor I'm sure the castle cannot nor will not tolerate - lest we have our fun fright nights and the castle's reputation being undermined ls (as the other hen's present may not know who actually booked the stripper).

So to ensure a full Strip-Off with no Rip-Off extras, please ask me personally, Steve Graham at the Paranormal World, for my personal recommendation of Strippers, to be sure of getting an experience that is truly 'out of this world'. You will still need to book your stripper direct, of course, as we do not want to get into offering strip services at the hotel 'ourselves', but at least I can advise you first and make recommendations.



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