Orbs & Activity in Room 36

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Orbs & Activity in Room 36

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Martin Gover in Orbs · 27 October 2013
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The below sequence of emails concerns a sighting of Orbs in room 36. The location of these orbs happens to be the approximate site of Richard Felix's experience with the lady in black walking through the wall into the neighbouring room.

Richard Felix was the historian of Living TV's 'Most Haunted' programme. In subsequent interviews, when asked which was the most scary place he has ever stayed in, he has repeatedly answered, "Room 36 at Craig y Nos".

Recently I was remarking to some guests that we had very little activity in room 36 since. We had moved the bed to the opposite side of the room, which would have prevented the same sort of experience that Richard Felix had. But I spoke too soon, for recently we have been getting complaints from regular B&B guests about room 36 - i.e. guests who have come for B&B breaks and would have no cause to read up on the background to this room. It is possible they might have come across the story and been more suggestive/ imaginative or - who knows - 'receptive'.

Below follows one recent exchange regarding orbs. The photos submitted with the original email show an orb moving around i.e. in different positions in each shot taken from a video camera. The  video was running and a number of stills from the video were sent to us. The location was on the wall where we now know there was once a doorway between room 36 and the old chapel.

We surmise that Adelina Patti would have got changed in room 36 for morning prayers and then gone through into the Chapel room (now the bridal suite) through a doorway directly opposite the one still in existence between the bridal suite and the bathroom. The bathroom in the bridal suite was once the vestry where the priest would have got changed into his robes for Patti's morning prayers. Patti would similiarly, we presume, have got changed in room 36, and entered the chapel room through 'her' door.

On 26 October 2013 15:42, we copied the following customer email to Steve Graham, our in-house Paranormal Investigator:

Hi Michael,

I'm just forwarding the orbs as requested- they were captured on video from room 36 on the 20/10/2013 at  2.35am. I'm sorry I was unable to forward the entire duration of the video taken as I'm limited to a file size limit of 25mb via my email provider. M
ost appeared to come out of the wall next to the mirror and then erratically toward us in the bed located opposite. Needless to say we couldn't really get to sleep after that but thanks to the friendly and very understanding staff we managed to transfer to another room for the second and final night of our stay and left feeling refreshed. I'll enclose a few still images that I managed to freeze from the video in an additional email. Regards- Richard and Jen.

Michael wrote:

Hi Steve

This customer was in Room 36 and moved because his wife was scared – what do you make of these images and the video – which I will post up to Twitter shortly.  The people in the room next to him, in Room 35 did not want to go in Room 36 as they said they had heard it was haunted, yet they then complained on Trip Advisor that they “did not experience anything that went bump in the night”. U
nless the customer had 2 torches in the room – what do you think the lights were?

Can you let me know, what you think so I can let the customer know?

Watch the orbs here:   

Tweeted: "W
atch orbs fly in room 36. Look carefully at 12 seconds -d'you wanna spend the night at http://mosthauntedcastle.com  dare u"

If you want to post this up on your website(s) - which I will be doing shortly feel free – but do please let me know so I can ask you to acknowledge who filmed it.

Thanks ever so.


Steve Graham, Paranormal Investigator, replies:

Aaaaaaaaaaa the great orb debate, something I was just the other day was discussing with Martin. Did you know Mike that Orbs have many names including globes, globules, balls of light, hovering round balls, spirit balls amongst other things. They appear in all ranges of brightness from bright-&-glowing to faded-&-barely-visible. They are usually quite fast and follow an erratic pattern of flight.

Positive orbs are believed to be the "spirits" of the dead by many. However, other theories suggest that they might be separate life forms or even nature spirits. The problem is that many orb photos are false positives well not all but most. Let me explain a little better:-

As you might know and something I
encounter every single week doing the ghost tour and all night investigations, there is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to authenticity. Although a lot of them are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash or if using a digital camcorder with or without night-shot. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots.

Because of this, it's making it really hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. An example of airborne particles would be like opening a heavy curtain inside a dark room to let in the light. Have you ever done that and seen all the dust in the beam of the light? Well dust can show up in pictures as orbs, especially when dust is close to the lens, and most especially with digital cameras.

That's just one example; moisture (humidity), mold, & pollen are also contributors of false positive orb photos. Because of this, there is no real way to confirm authenticity with our present knowledge, therefore the consensus would have to be that most orb photos are false positives.  

Perhaps as many as 70-90 percent of orb photos and videos are nothing more than the conditions at the time of the flash or recording through digital media. IE Camcorders or using camcorders in low light conditions without using the night-shot mode most camcorders have.

o in answer to your question Michael "what do you think the lights were?", there is no official way to determine authenticity of an orb within a photo or video but here are a few key elements to keep in mind.

1. A bright orb is more likely to be real than a faded one.

2. Multiple orbs in a single photo or image are most likely dust motes.

3. Orbs that are bright and show a vibrating effect within the photo are likely to be real.

4. A slight trail is also something to look for in determining true orbs.

I know its not the answer you would like to hear, but its the best I can give, based on
24 years of paranormal experience.


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