Haunted Bar really IS haunted! Chair photographed by sensor camera

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Haunted Bar really IS haunted! Chair photographed by sensor camera

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Haunted Bar · 21 January 2014
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So the haunted bar is living up to its name - or so we hope.

We had called it the Haunted Bar mainly for fun, there was no evidence this particular room was actually haunted. Now we are not so sure...

Last night prior to a paranormal
investigation we wanted to test a motion censor camera that we had bought, and trained on the bar. This was purchased partly as a security measure to protect alcohol stocks. During a tour the bar area might not be locked up, so the camera is trained on to the bar area, to take photographs if anything moves around in front of the sensor.

It is not therefore a video camera or CCTV, just a motion camera that captures still shots if someone (or something) moves.

f I'm honest I don't put a lot of faith in motion censor camera due to many factors that have to be considered, the main one being how sensitive the camera really is. What will prompt it to take a still shot?  And after what amount of delay?  

Does it work at all?  

'm no expert. But anyway, we thought we would test it out, so we decided to put it in the "Haunted Bar" because we knew Victoria would be in there cleaning and sorting stuff out. So we would be able to see what the motion detection was like and what sort of images it too.

fter some messing about with the settings (that's right I'm a man and I don't read instructions - did Christopher Columbus ask for directions!! LoL ) the camera was placed in the "CROSS" and forgotten about till the end of the evening.

ell after a great night of investigating, where the ball rolled around in the children's ward to everyone's delight, which is something that I personally didn't get to see as i was taking another group (we had two ghost hunting groups that night), we went and collected the camera.

By now it was
4am in the morning and I certainly wasn't going to be checking anything till later on in the afternoon after I had had a sleep. So it wasn't till around 6pm when I was asked how the camera did that I got around to loading the images on to my laptop and started to review them.

Watching the
images captured is, let me tell you, a long slow, boring process. As you can imagine the first hour of photos were the team getting ready for the investigation. We also had a surprise visit from the new barman (Simon) who had come up to the haunted bar because Victoria couldn't unclip the empty vodka optic which needed replacing. We noted that Simon stayed in the bar chatting to Victoria for 16 minutes and 28 seconds.

The next 100 or so images were of Victoria clearing out the turret which was full of Halloween stuff. At this point I was losing the will to live viewing one image after another after another. It was so slow and boring, so I clicked the forward button a few times on the software which made the images more like a flick book. This made for more interesting viewing and then I noticed it. THE CHAIR HAD MOVED!!

ell I am sure you can imagine my excitement so I rolled back 6 images and rolled them forward again. Then back and forward and back and forward. I must have done this at least 50 times if not more.

hat I'm going to do for next time is set the camera to video 5 seconds at a time each time the censor is triggered to see what results it gets.

t is interesting to note that Victoria didn't see or hear the chair move although she has admitted that she was listening to music whilst cleaning.

is something that i have encountered hundreds of times, namely that paranormal activity happens when we aren't looking for it, when we are just getting on with our day to day tasks. Well it certainly gave me something to think about!

anyway here is link to the video see what you think?


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