Haunted Bar on its way to first £1,000 in ghostly spirits

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Haunted Bar on its way to first £1,000 in ghostly spirits

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Published by Steve Graham in Haunted Bar · 11 December 2013
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On 9 December 2013 12:20, The Paranormal World <info@theparanormalworld.com> wrote:

Good morning,

Well tis the season to be jolly and I thought i would keep the festive feelings flowing ....as I am sure you are all aware the "haunted bar" has been open for approx 8 months or thereabouts, and lord G has spent a fair few quid (although i have no idea on final costs) putting the haunted 'C
ross room' into a working bottle and shots bar (lighting,roof,walls,etc etc), which in my honest opinion should have been done years ago!!

ANYWAY below are the dates and amounts of money taken in 2014:

date / amount
27.04.2014: £17.00
01.06.2014: £44.35
21.06.2014: £90.40
11.05.2014: £53.10
19.07.2014: £184.80
20.07.2014: £38.40
10.08.2014: £172.35
30.08.2014: £38.15
28.09.2014: £15.95
04.10.2014: £29,15
11.10.2014: £28.85
31.10.2014: £59.00
08.11.2014: £19.00
03.12.2014: £44.10
07.12.2014: £13.30

rand total being £889.75. Now i know it's not a massive amount of money but it's money that we wouldn't  have had at all and I have no doubt when i get this Karaoke system going after the Fright Nights we should see an even bigger intake of cash.

Speak to you all later


Revised figures.. Sorry i counted it up wrong... 10.08 was not £172.35 it was £72.35 my £ sign in the booked looks like a 1. Sorry about that the true figure is £789.75

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