Halloween Fright Night

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Halloween Fright Night

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Halloween · 3 October 2014
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Dear friends,

Halloween 2014 is going to be somewhat different than previous years, I am pushing the boundaries and take Halloween to another level, something may I add NO ONE is doing or even attempting to do, maybe because it easier for other organisations just to stick to the "norm" but we The Paranormal World have always wanted to make things different and to be different..to stand out from the "norm" ..so after many debates, theory's, ideas, I have come up with an idea that will either A. make our Halloween events the most talked about event of the year ..or B. make us the laughing stock and most complained about event for Halloween!! and i'm hoping its not the latter!!.

This year as of previous years we are basing our event on our very successful "fun hen fright night" which we all know works a treat EVERY-TIME. We have perfected our Fright Nights over a period of time. However this year is somewhat different - we are taking a risk and making this a "self guided" tour incorporating the "theatre cellar" as well as ward 4a (the former call centre). These are two new locations we have never done before. So we are going to need at least 10/15 extra actors, which we are working on.

When I say we, I mean myself and Mr. Michael ludwig. Most of you will not of ever ever heard of Michael. He is a good guy, the guy that supplies us with all the music that we will ever need for any event we do, as well as constantly promoting us on twitter and the castle Facebook and website pages. He's a great guy who wants us to do very well in all that we do! 

Now this undertaking is a massive ask..however if we all pull together can can take this Halloween to another level..far beyond most people comprehension..

1. So how does it work I hear you ask..well in my head it's simple!! but for those that aren't in my head let me explain.. 

The client is having his/her meal in the function room. A simple map (which Mr Ian Bloom hopefully will design) is used to explain how the nights festivities are going to work. At this point I'm hoping Mr B (Mr. Ian bloom) can draw a map for me with his various skills and abilities showing the various locations. All our guests have to do is find that location and complete the riddle set for every room...

"Piece of cake", I hear you say

I THINK NOT. Not everything is as it seems. You see, this is where it all comes down to common sense; by following simple clues you are lead to a location with a main actress or actor waiting in the wings. They'll give you a clue that will either start you off in the direction you need to go in  - or not!!!

2.  The whole tour will last no more than 2.5 hours (depending on how quick or slow you are!). More than any another "Halloween fright night" (most if not all last 1 hour TOPS), our fright night is quite different to anyone else's due to the fact clues have to be found and questioned answered. Much like the "Crystal Maze" but better!!

Our concept guys will take the Paranormal World and Craig Y Nos Castle Halloween Parties to another level. Or this idea could all go pear shaped -so before I go ahead an implement this new concept may I have your views and opinions please..

Kindest regards


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