Halloween 2014 happenings

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Halloween 2014 happenings

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Halloween · 1 November 2013
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Well I have held off making my normal Halloween report until the fright night Thursday was over.

ookings for the kids Halloween started off very slow even though it was very well publicized with the normal posters being put up weeks before the event and the adults bookings being practically non-existent which caused me personally a lot of stress and worry. But I am pleased to say that on the day 99 kids had booked, and what made the day was we had quite a few extra "walk-ins" which took the number up to 125 which covered all the Halloween cost..IE, kids presents, decorations, face paints, glitter tattoos, bouncy castle hire, close hand magician, psychic card readers ..etc etc.

am very pleased to report that the day went very well...with only 1 complaint... a women complained that the kids tour was "far too scary" for her four year old daughter... I apologised to the lady and explained that it was a "ghostly Halloween fright tour"!

The evening in my humble opinion went just as well. T
here was only 25 adults booked, but they all seemed to have a good time. They enjoyed the food, enjoyed the fright night as far as I am aware, and enjoyed the small party afterwards.

A massive thank-you to Michael who got the sound controller working through my lap top and provided me with a shed load of music to keep the whole night alive!

A massive thanks to  Melissa who gave me the T-shirts and hats to give away for the adults evening and also gave away 10 golden tickets for a free ghost tour (they pay for their own accommodation) so everyone left very happy, or I hope they did!

Fright Night Thursday: A
lthough 3 people didn't turn up the other nine seemed to have a good time. Beth before we arrived had the fire already lit and table cloths laid and candles lit setting a wonderful ambience. This without doubt took a lot of pressure off Victoria who normally sets up, lights the fire, clears the floors ready for the tour.

I have to say they didn't drink much as they were all driving home bar 3 who were staying at the castle (the Canadians), but I believe that everyone had a great time and we will get a couple of repeat serious ghost tours from those that attended.

o thank you all, to all the front of house staff of the castle who helped me out with everythin. It is truly appreciated another great and successful year for the Halloween extravaganza, I am hoping we all get good feed back!!

Kindest Regards


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