Ghostly apparition at entrance to Children's Ward

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Ghostly apparition at entrance to Children's Ward

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Ghost Sightings at Castle · 15 July 2014
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Have just published the latest photo on Home Page. It appears to be a man or large female, maybe a nurse, holding a child, which would be logical given this was taken at the entrance to the upperr level childrens ward.

The childrens ward is so named because this was where the children were kept in the TB days, when the hospital was a TB hospital. A second larger chidlrens ward was also located in what is now the Conservatory on the ground floor.

Former patients of the TB hospital still come back to reunions and some recall being child patients in the upper children's ward. The death rate for TB was apparently around 80%, so it was very high. It was said you 'arrived lying down on a stretcher and left lying down in a coffin'.

Children were kept in full body casts so they could not move - not for a day or two but for a year or more at a time. This was to force them to stay still in their beds, as complete bed rest was one of the treatments for TB.

Steve Graham writes on how he came to take this particular picture:

Well firstly let me explain that a fun fright night is all make-believe with actors and actresses, props, animatronics, strobe lighting sound effects etc. I'm sure you get the picture!  Anyway normally after the fun fright night the quests retire to the haunted bar for more fun and frolics and of course our famous Karaoke and ghost stories.

owever on the odd occasion the clients will ask to see the derelict floors as they really are - without all the flashing lights, performers and staged 'frights'. So I agreed to take them around and show them all the rooms and tell them a little bit of the history and hauntings of each room.

whilst in the children’s ward, as I was explaining about the history, we heard footsteps out in the corridor. We opened up the doors to reveal no one there, so we returned to the room, where we all sat in a circle just talking about how warm and calm the room felt. Then the footsteps could be heard again!

t that point one of the girls asked me is there a room to the left of the doors, at which point Garry walked to the end of the corridor and pointed to the Rice Powell room.

he young lady in question said, "NO, come closer," so Garry walked towards the childrens ward again. As he got closer she said, "Stop and turn right," and she then asked is there a room there?  Well there is, it's called the treatment room.

I asked her why and she said, "Well I think I have just seen someone go in there."  So Garry had a look and there was no one there. I explained to her again that we are the only ones on these derelict floors. She got out her mobile phone and started taking pictures.

e sat in the circle for about 5 mins then I said let's go back to the haunted bar. We all got up and started to leave, everyone huddled together. I’m sure they thought that someone was still going to jump out at them. As the young lady in question left the room and walked up the corridor, she turned around and said, “Thankyou” and took a few more photos.

e went back down to the bar. Whilst I was starting to tell a few true ghost stories the lady who had taken the photo asked me to have a look at two images she had captured on her phone. Well when I seen what she had captured I was amazed.

t was a tad hard to see but you could make out a figure of a person quite well. That really added to the evening with the buzz this generated amongst the group, we sat till 2am talking about ghosts the castle and its hauntings.

For me I think the image shows a male person holding something. I'm unsure if it’s a child but it is definitely holding something and being right outside the childrens ward could it be a child?"

Recent comments on this apparition follow:

Cerys Evans commented on The Most Haunted Castle in Wales - Craig Y Nos Castle Ghost Tours's post.

Cerys Evans -
15 July at 12:10

Looks like to me a man in a short sleeve shirt belt and trousers on with a baby girl about 8months old with a dark dress on and his arm is up over his chest!

Steve Graham commented on The Most Haunted Castle in Wales - Craig Y Nos Castle Ghost Tours' post.

Steve Graham -
15 July at 11:26

yep it looks like a person holding something, could it be a child since it was taken in the children ward

Cerys Evans commented on The Most Haunted Castle in Wales - Craig Y Nos Castle Ghost Tours's post.

Cerys Evans
15 July at 12:36

I can see a baby plain can see his arm under her and her legs

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