Communicating with the afterlife using sound boxes

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Communicating with the afterlife using sound boxes

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Ghosts: evidence of life after death? · 31 May 2018
Tags: EVP
As most will know, for the past number of months I have concentrated all my efforts on EVP's , and as previously pointed out, the more I do them, the better results seem to be.

Many will believe that this is my wishful thinking, and that I am reading into the results I have accumulated, what I want to see.  Let me assure you this is not the case, no one more than I want  to discount the results.

How easy it is to read into a recording and make the outcome fit what you want to hear?   We are all guilty in one form or another to want communication from the "other side", whether  we truly believe or not. We all want to have conclusive proof that life after death does exist.

Yet  many of us sit on the fence, never expressing a view either way, secretly yearning, deep down, for that one tiny snippet of communication, that one bit of information that isn't known to anyone, that is so personal to the individual it couldn't possibly be some random guess, which truly proves personally that the continuation from this world to another can and does exist.

Bearing in mind, that all this is happening not Via human intervention, but via a glorified amplifier with all the bells and whistles and an app of recorded speech that has been recorded then reversed. And yet, for whatever reason, not only does it seem to give logical and comprehensible responses to questions asked, but also it is able to provide those snippets of information only known to the individual.

How is that even possible? Is communication to the afterlife that simple?

For hundreds of years we have relied solely on those that claim to have the ability to communicate with "the afterlife", be that mediums, clairvoyants , psychic's, whatever. These individuals  have (supposedly or actually – maybe they are just ‘reading the room’) been bringing comforting messages from our loved ones in one form or another.

And now it would seem, as the years roll on and technology moves forward, have we truly found a technological and independent "medium"? One that seems to have the same or similar abilities of the human "medium" but without the human intervention risk, without the danger of human manipulation of the process?  A machine cannot ‘read the room’ or decide to give the listener what they want to hear, having first quizzed someone on their deceased loved ones to get enough background information to influence the outcome.

What most, but not all have forgotten, is  that this technology isn't  new, far from it, it is almost as old as mediumship itself, so how does it work?

There are various explanations depending upon who you speak with and I will discuss this more in my next blog post. In this blog I wanted to speak about the responses that I am getting.

Here is a good example - "Lance O Connor".  This recording was taken in the salt cellar during one of our monthly  G.H.O.S.T  tours , for best results I would suggest using headphones, you will hear a voice saying "Lance O Connor, I hear you, now, can you hear me"?  

I am sure you will agree is pretty cool, but listen again, this time hear the different accents, the name Lance O Connor is being said by one accent, then, I hear you can you hear me is being said by a different accent.

What is interesting about this recording that it seems to have a specific message for a specific person, namely ‘Lance O'Connor’, who was on the tour.

Another example "you need to grow up!" Again taken in the salt cellar, you hear me ask, "how many of you  are here"? You will then hear a voice saying "you need to grow up" then a couple of seconds later a second voice says" I don't know".

Again two voices and two different accents. In this instance the first voice is telling me you need to grow up. Whether they were talking to me directly or someone that was in the group, I am unsure. Then the second voice clearly answered my question by replying I don't know.

There are many other examples on our YouTube channel that you can listen to.

Is this direct spirit communication? Well, it certainly sounds as if it is, however I'm still debating this. Over the next coming months I will be recording in a different location within the Castle and see what the results are.  I will gain an even better understanding of EVP'S and I will happily share my results with you.

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