Apparition outside AB14 in February 2017

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Apparition outside AB14 in February 2017

Most Haunted Castle
Published by Steve Graham in Ghost Sightings at Castle · 27 February 2017
Tags: AB13andAB14
Last night, Friday 24/02/2017, was just like any other GHOST night. The tour started as per normal in the theatre with a safety presentation then starting off in the theatre cellar with an experiment made famous by the fox sisters - "Table tipping". Although the table did not move, everyone heard what most of us believe were female footsteps on the stage which Tym and three members of the group went to check out.  And although we could still hear the footsteps,  those on the stage saw nothing!!!

Anyway the rest of the tour was uneventful and we finished around 1am. We bid everyone good evening and I reminded them if they had any problems that I was staying in room 14 and to come and knock and I would be happy to help. Well off everyone went and Tym headed home.

Room 14 is a courtyard room beautifully decorated with a wall mounted television, very important in my opinion if you want to watch tele whilst in the bed without having to sit up. I could hear the girls in room 15 laughing and giggling and having a good time. About 2am everything was quiet and I must have nodded off as I woke again at 3.50am, to the sound of the wind howling and heavy rain. As the castle builders are finishing off putting a roof  on a new  room right next door to 14, the plastic sheeting was making a racket, so I thought to myself I'll go have a cigarette. These were in the car and having to go out to the car in the rain had put me off going straightaway.

About 4.10/4.15 I went to the car and jumped in and had a cigarette, around 4.25 am roughly.  I jumped out of the car and headed back to the room 14. As I went under the big green arch turning slightly to my right, I saw what I thought was a woman wearing a grey dress with a white apron.

She was side on to me. She walked towards the little green doors that lead to the nurses block. I hesitated for a second then walked towards were she was. I looked up to the little green doors but there was no one there. I walked as far as the little green doors - there was no one outside. Every hair on my body was standing up with excitement / fear call it what you will.

I headed back to my room which is only  5 feet from where I’d first seen this woman and I noticed there is a door which would lead into the bathroom and shower IN MY ROOM - if it wasn't blocked up.  I go into the bathroom and look… nothing seemed out of place. I went back outside the room and sat on a summer seat looking toward the little green doors till around 5.15. By this point the wind had died down a bit and the rain wasn't as heavy. With every bang or loud noise I heard I was back outside seeing where it came from or what it could be. I’m going to take photos of where I’m talking about  I have never experienced anything in that area in all the time I have been at Craig y Nos – 15 years now.

I wonder if it has something to do with the renovations on a new room nearly finished next door!! Who knows but what a hell of an experience!

Owner adds: The room being created out of a former derelict area is between Room 12 and 14, so will become AB13. Appropriate, for this room 13 once formed part of the Mortuary in the hospital era. There is a door-way leading from the yard outside AB13 into what is now AB14’s bathroom. The original door is still there for listed building reasons but behind it is walled off internally so has been blocked up. We do not know what AB14 was used for. It is possible the work being done in what will become AB13 has stirred up some ‘activity’ in this area so will have Steve sleep in AB13 once it is ready!

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