Ghost Hunts and Ghost Hunting at Most Haunted Craig y Nos Castle in Wales

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Ghost Hunting at Most Haunted Castle - castle silhouette and sky at night

Visit our Most Haunted Castle

Walk amongst our spirits, along the derelict upper corridors and wards of this former TB Hospital.

Lie on beds in this haunted house under ward lights where we TB patients once slept and feel our ghostly presence still...
Journey back in time, to the age of classic Opera, where the great Lady once entertained European heads of state in her private Opera House.

Stand upon the very boards she once trod - for yet you may hear her sing for you, in quiet whispers.

Experience for yourself our Haunted House - if you dare!

Our Ghost Hunting Packages for serious ghost hunters include all night ghost tours
, with en-suite D,B&B, and shorter 'share the experience' ghost tours, with budget B&B and optional Dinner.

Or if it is a party you are after, why not get a group together for a light-hearted fun-filled Fright Night
or Hen Party?

Kindly note the minimum size for your own private Ghost Tour or Fright Night is 10 guests/ ghost hunters, including the Ladies Fright Night
, which has a minimum of 10 hens. Smaller bookings may very occasionally be added to existing tours, but first check out the G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost & History Once-monthly Selected Tour) to see if you can join us on one of these available ghost tour dates.

we pass beside you, our presence felt, yet unseen...

What IS that sound you hear, the centuries old stage creaking - or footsteps, close behind you?   

The cloth backdrop rustling in the wings - or ill formed words you can't quite catch...

Join us in the cellars under the theatre, where stage hands once operated lifts and pulleys behind the scenes, and enter our world - the World of the Paranormal. Seek us out if you can, before we find you.

Address us in your seances, question us with your table tipping and glass divination.

And feel the chill of our cold breath upon your cheek, the tingling of our fingers running lightly down your spine ...

Most Haunted Castle Craig y Nos Castle
Ghost Hunting at Most Haunted Castle in Wales

Hear our footsteps walking towards you - as we pass beside you, our presence felt, yet unseen, ghost haunting...

...and hear our sounds all around you

Stand quite still and alone in our empty spaces and hear our sounds around you, closing in on you, and slowly feel our entity grow in your mind.

See the chill night of ghost hunting through with us, if you dare!

Venture into Our World, where nothing can be predicted, your destination unknown; but beware, this is not a journey for the faint hearted....

NEW - If you cannot get ten people for your own private ghost tour, see our new GHOST tours for Dates available for individuals and couples.

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